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Our Services

Velo-City Deliveries shows that there is another way to look after your logistics.
The last mile of motorised vehicle deliveries make up around 70% of the cost and up to 80% of the pollution in your community.


By making the switch to our e-cargo bike service all tailpipe emissions are eradicated,

traffic congestion is eased and your streets are safer for active travel.

Wholesale Deliveries 

If you are a company that wants to be more sustainable or more efficient when it comes to delivering your wholesale goods in Glasgow, then come and have a chat with us.

We can carry up to 100kg safely and quickly.

Medical and Pharmacy Deliveries

We are trusted to deliver essential medical supplies, time-critical medicines and general prescriptions. Our role as an essential cog in our community's public health system is based on our track record of reliability and security and it is one that we take great pride in.  

Document Delivery and Exchange

The fully waterproof and secured storage on our bikes can transport the most important of

documents without risk of damage.

Fully insured, we complete delivery and exchange of even

time-sensitive documents safely and sustainably. 

Print Services Delivery 

We offer a fast, reliable and friendly print delivery service in Glasgow that is environmentally friendly.

Velo-City Deliveries is trusted by clients all over Glasgow with packages of all shapes and sizes.

Velo-City Drinks (1).jpg

Beer, Wines & Spirits Delivery

Trust us when we say we can carry A LOT of beer, wine and bottles of spirits. Our e-bikes can hold up to 100kg.

We are already trusted by the likes of Glasgow businesses Wee Beer Shop and Good Spirits Co. So if you are a distillery or drinks company, don't hestiate to get in touch.

We are of course very happy to deliver soft drinks too.

Business to Customer Deliveries 

If you sell it, we can shift it!


With a load capacity of 100kg and a specialised aluminium trailer, we can deliver all manner of goods from ice-cream to ice-makers, bottles to barrels

and artworks to antiques. 

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