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Glasgow's Friendliest E-Cargo Bike Courier Delivery Service

Hi, I am Andrew and welcome to Velo-City. If you want a fast, environmentally friendly courier service in Glasgow then you are in the right place.

How It Works

1. You email us or contact us via the website and let us know what you need picked up and delivered, where it needs to go and by when.

2. We will confirm the details and price with you.

3. Once all agreed, we will come and collect on our delivery bike.

4. Once we deliver your items, you will receive a confirmation message that it has been delivered safely.

Larry-vs-Harry-Cargo-Bike-Race (1)_edited.jpg

What We Can Deliver

You will be surprised as to what we can deliver. From TVs to beer (lots of it), coffee to more wine than you can imagine, signage and printing to prescriptions. We can do it all.


Our bikes can carry up to 100kg.

Environmentally Sound

According to Doddle 43% of people (much higher in a younger demographic) would be more likely to shop with retailers using sustainable delivery.

With Barclays projecting nine out of ten (91%) of British retailers planning to invest in eco delivery, it's clearly a strong trend that's only going to grow. When you choose Velo-City cargo bike delivery you choose less traffic, cleaner air and offer your customers a positive choice and guilt-free experience with eco deliveries in Glasgow.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"The National Theatre of Scotland loves Velo-City Deliveries!  Perfect for our Theatre Green Book commitments, we send and receive shared resources to other theatres and collect from suppliers within Glasgow.  Andrew loves an unusual mission and capacity is surprising.  Loads have been smoke machines, Backline and Surtitle screens. He saves us hours and ££s compared to an Arnold Clark hire. You should book him now."  

National Theatre Scotland

"Working with Andrew has been a dream, we wanted to make a real change in how we did our local deliveries and Andrew and the team have allowed us to do this. Always turning up with a smile no matter the weather and always delivering promptly and correctly has allowed us to not only keep up our high standard of customer service but also reduce our environmental impact as well" 
Dear Green Coffee

"Responsive, reliable, and my customers love the eco credentials of a bike delivery service. Highly recommend Velo-City Deliveries." 
Wee Beer Shop

Get in touch

At Velo-City we are committed to making a difference with every delivery. 
Not only are fair prices and exceptional customer service guaranteed, our zero emissions service

delivers real positive impact in the fight against climate change.

To find out how we can work together to deliver your goods and lower your carbon footprint

- or even just to learn a little more about what we do - drop us a line and we'll be in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

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