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Personal Service

Our service creates a bond of trust and familiarity with the delivery person and by extension your own business. This accountability in turn drives consumers to local solutions - be it on-line or in store - while building further loyalty making return orders more likely. 

Environmentally Sound

According to Doddle 43% of people (much higher in a younger demographic) would be more likely to shop with retailers using sustainable delivery.

With Barclays projecting nine out of ten (91%) of British retailers planning to invest in eco delivery, it's clearly a strong trend that's only going to grow. When you choose Velo-City cargo bike delivery you choose less traffic, cleaner air and offer your customers a positive choice and guilt-free experience with eco deliveries in Glasgow.

Larry-vs-Harry-Cargo-Bike-Race (1)_edited.jpg


Our 'long john' (front loader) cargo delivery bikes are a very recognisable mode of transport that engender feelings of nostalgia and good humour in a cutting edge format for green delivery.

You also tie your brand to a genuine carbon-reducing initiative, creating positive PR as a by-product of our sustainable delivery. Our bikes can carry company names, logos, and livery on specially made boards.


A bike is the fastest, cleanest and most reliable way around a town or city. 

Even the petrolheads at Top Gear grudgingly admitted as much! (Series 10/ Ep 5).


More Reasons to Use Us

Here at Velo-City Deliveries, we believe in using sustainable

low impact methods in everything we do.

We are dedicated to getting your goods to where they need to be with

no delay, no pollution and no hassle.

Our bikes can carry anything up to 100kg and can navigate the streets more quickly and safely than other forms of transport.

Once your cargo is with Velo-City, you know you can breathe easy.

Get in touch

At Velo-City we are committed to making a difference with every delivery. 
Not only are fair prices and exceptional customer service guaranteed, our zero emissions service

delivers real positive impact in the fight against climate change.

To find out how we can work together to deliver your goods and lower your carbon footprint

- or even just to learn a little more about what we do - drop us a line and we'll be in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

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